BIOTECHNICA Exhibition Hannover, Germany October 6-8

The show’s range of exhibits spans bioengineering, laboratory equipment and biotech applications in the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, food, agriculture, industrial biotechnology and environmental protection.

This year’s highlights are

Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostic, Protein and Antibodies
BIOTECHNICA features a joint pavilion for Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostics, Protein and Antibodies within the exhibition hall. The pavilion offers a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to exhibit . All the main logistics are taken care for you, leaving you free to concentrate on marketing your products and services. Become an exhibitor! You will find detailed information about the joint pavilion and registration forms under Download on the right.

If you want to learn more about the additional conferences 2nd BioIT World Europe, Molecular Diagnostics Europe and 2nd PEGS Europe please our conference area.

Preventive and regenerative medicine
More than 800 scientists and clinical experts from all over the world will be meeting to discuss new ways of treating previously untreatable or therapeutically challenging diseases with regenerative therapies. An additional exhibition covering the topics of regenerative medicine will take place within hall 9.

The application form to book a booth within the special exhibit can be found
Exhibition Program


Bioprocess technologies / Biotechnology products / Analytics / Chemistry
Apparatus and plant engineering  Laboratories
Bioinformatic / Services
Bioinformatics  / Biotechnology services
Medical/pharmaceutical applications
Environmental applications
Environmental biotechnology
Agricultural applications
Agricultural products/plant biotechnology / Animal breeding
Applications in nutrition
Foodstuffs / Food biotechnology